innotop 1.3.5 released

innotop 1.3.5 is the latest release of the increasingly popular MySQL and InnoDB monitor. I recommend everyone upgrade to this release. Aside from incomplete documentation, it’s close to a stable 1.4 release (I’m counting on you to find the bugs!). There are many significant new features since version 1.3, which make it more powerful and easier to use. Here’s what’s new:

Many of the improvements are in default configuration settings, and the upgrade will not upgrade your configuration settings. So if you want (for example) the new default multi-column sorts, you will have to tweak your config file, or just delete those lines from the file and let innotop fill in the new defaults for you.


Many thanks to Sebastien Estienne, Christian Hammers, and many others for suggesting improvements, finding bugs, helping with packaging, helping me learn how to use version control software better, and especially for all the compliments and positive feedback!

The future

Lots of features are planned. You can always read the ROADMAP file to find out what’s coming next. And if you want something sooner, please ask. A user told me he likes mytop’s color display for easy readability, so I added color rules sooner than I’d planned. Let me know what’s important to you.