innotop 1.4.0 released

It’s finally ready – the new stable version of the innotop MySQL and InnoDB monitor. Version 1.4.0 brings you new features and enhancements I think you’ll really enjoy:

Much gratitude is due the people who’ve helped, especially Sebastien Estienne, Christian Hammers, Steven Kreuzer and other people who’ve helped design features, make packages, get innotop distributed more widely, and give me advice on such things as Makefiles. By the way, if you’d like to help, I’d love for someone to make innotop a nice homepage. I’ve been ignoring website design in favor of programming, so the innotop homepage is pretty lame.

And the biggest thanks of all to my wife, who encourages me to work on things I think are important!

Just a reminder: support, feature requests etc should go on the innotop mailing lists at Sourceforge.