MySQL Toolkit's Show Grants tool 0.9.1 released

MySQL Toolkit’s Show Grants tool can now separate grants into individual statements, convert them into REVOKE statements, and help you remove users from a server, even if your server doesn’t support DROP USER.


The comment on my last post, combined with my need to revoke some grants today on a server that accidentally got grants replicated to it, prompted me to add more functionality to this tool. It can now:

The temptation I resisted

I had to resist the temptation to add more options, for example to entirely remove the GRANT statements so the tool will merely output the statements required to remove a user. But I think that’s feature creep; you can easily pipe the output through grep -v "^GRANT" and do it yourself.

Still, if you’d find this or other features useful, let me know.

About MySQL Toolkit

MySQL Toolkit is a set of essential tools for MySQL users, developers and administrators. The project’s goal is to make high-quality command-line tools that follow the UNIX philosophy of doing one thing and doing it well. They are designed for scriptability and ease of processing with standard command-line utilities such as awk and sed. Other tools in the toolkit include a table checksummer and a duplicate key checker.