MySQL Toolkit updated

I’ve just released updates to all the tools in the MySQL Toolkit. The biggest change I made to most packages is using DBD to read MySQL’s option files, though some packages got more significant updates.


I discovered some features I didn’t know the Perl MySQL driver had – features to read MySQL’s option files, mostly, though there are some other nice features I use occasionally (but which are very relevant to innotop). Getting the driver to read the option files instead of doing it myself has many benefits. It does a better job than I do, provides more options, works like MySQL users will expect it to, and perhaps most importantly isn’t my problem if it’s broken *grin* I love not maintaining code.

I also changed how I was handling command-line options. I’m new to this, but I think I’ve got a good system going now. I did change some options on a couple of the tools, so check your scripts if you upgrade. (I’d rather do it right than remain backwards compatible with a bad system).

The most important changes I made are to the MySQL Show Grants tool and the MySQL Table Sync tool. I fixed some fairly major bugs in each tool.

One feature I had inconsistently implemented is prompting for passwords. I removed it completely rather than do it in patches. I’m not convinced prompting is a good way to do it. Log on to the #mysql IRC channel and wait a bit, and you’ll see someone who doesn’t understand how MySQL’s own tools handle passwords at the command line.


Here are detailed changes on each of the packages.

mysql-deadlock-logger version 1.0.0

mysql-duplicate-key-checker 1.0.2

mysql-query-profiler 1.0.2

mysql-show-grants 1.0.0

mysql-table-checksum 1.0.3

mysql-table-sync 0.9.0

I continue to be very conservative about this tool. It’s complicated and I haven’t a) written a test suite yet b) tested it in production enough. Plus I don’t use half its features in production. That may be an argument for removing them, but they are ideally suited for some scenarios, and I don’t want to be too focused on only filling my own needs!

The future

I have either started or found the need for half a dozen more tools, and there are some improvements I still want to make to the existing ones too, but it will need to wait a bit. I have to work on some things for my wife, and then innotop is next because I’m going to demo some currently nonexistent features at the upcoming MySQL Conference. There’s nothing like a deadline to motivate me!

About MySQL Toolkit

MySQL Toolkit is a set of essential tools for MySQL users, developers and administrators. The project’s goal is to make high-quality command-line tools that follow the UNIX philosophy of doing one thing and doing it well. They are designed for scriptability and ease of processing with standard command-line utilities such as awk and sed.