MySQL Conference and Expo 2007 Audio

I recorded many of the sessions I attended at the conference. You can download the audio files in Ogg Vorbis format here. These files will not stay up forever – I will probably remove them after a few weeks.

My recorder only records in mp3 format, so I was forced to crank the bitrate down pretty far to avoid ending up with gigabytes of data. Too bad it doesn’t record directly to Ogg Vorbis format; if it did, I could get natural-sounding voice-quality at something like 8 kB/sec. Anyway, it is what it is.

Some of the files begin with a little silence, or begin partway into the talk. If you don’t hear anything, try skipping forward a few minutes.

UPDATE Kevin Burton kindly hosted an iPod-compatible podcast of these files in mp3 format (more than twice the size, but… I think he has lots of disk space and bandwidth).

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