MySQL Toolkit released as one package

It’s finally here: a single-file download for all the tools in MySQL Toolkit. During this process I also upgraded every package in the toolkit to a new release, combining new versioning and some simple non-functional changes with (mostly minor) changes I’d committed but not yet released. Details are at the end of this post.

I ended up not using a Makefile for the build process, because I wanted to it to be more auto-magical than I know how to do with a Makefile. Instead I wrote a very simple Perl build script. Anyone who can teach me a better way to do it, please do! The final package follows the familiar Perl installation process, of course: perl Makefile.PL; make install.

The most important thing this will do is make it easier to distribute. It’s a real hassle to maintain a bunch of packages for, say, Debian – but it’s easy to maintain a single package. I hope soon the toolkit will be distributed with some GNU/Linux distributions and maybe with FreeBSD, as innotop is.

It’s gotten to the point that packaging and releasing these tools takes a good bit of time, which I never foresaw. There’s just a lot of stuff I have to do very carefully, like making change logs, tagging the source, building the packages, uploading them to sourceforge, going to sourceforge and making a new release, entering all the right information, and so forth. It all adds up. “Release early, release often” has its advantages, but it is a burden too.

If you want to support my work, I have now made an Amazon wishlist.

Here’s a unified changelog: