Maatkit version 1417 released

Thanks again to all the great sponsors for my week of work on the kit!

This is the long-awaited “Baron worked on table sync” release. Hooray!

I have resolved all of the issues I was facing in getting a release out the door. I now have individual test suites on all the programs in the kit (some of them trivial, some not) as well as a comprehensive unit test suite on the shared code. This is properly integrated into the Makefile, so it won’t let me release when a test is broken. Yay!

I also found and solved a number of other issues, mostly minor, with other tools in the kit. Yippee!

But before we all celebrate too much, I want to say a word of caution: mk-table-sync is rebuilt from the ground up. That means I probably busted a bunch of things. One thing I know I broke: performance. It has two sync algorithms – Stream and Chunk – and Stream is not high performance, but Chunk can’t always be used. I personally advise you to run the tool with the --test option and make sure the table you’re syncing will not use the Stream algorithm if it is large. And if you are doubtful about bugs, as I am, you would do well not to touch the --execute option for critical data. Instead, use --print and save the output in a file, inspect the file, and then feed the file into mysql.

Also, please be aware that I threw away the old tool’s 99 useless, confusing command-line options and started over. Some of them are similar. Some of them are the same but now mean different things. In other words, assuming backwards compatibility is probably not a good idea! Don’t just upgrade and drop this tool in place (in case you had cron jobs running it, for example).

Performance will come back, better than ever. I promise. But for now, please help me find bugs, and report them via the project’s Sourceforge bug tracker. Also, I would like to encourage you to post in the project’s forums and/or mailing lists instead of blog comments (unless you just have comments) so they are easy for others to find. (No one will search my blog for help on this toolkit, I feel sure).


Changelog for mk-archiver:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.4

   * Updated common code.

Changelog for mk-deadlock-logger:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.6

   * Updated common code.

Changelog for mk-duplicate-key-checker:

2007-12-07: version 1.1.3

   * Updated common code.
   * Corrected documentation.
   * Added --engine and --ignoreengine options.

Changelog for mk-find:

2007-12-07: version 0.9.8

   * Updated common code.

Changelog for mk-heartbeat:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.3

   * Updated common code.
   * Added --time, --interval and --skew options.
   * The combination of sleep() and alarm() did not work on some systems.

Changelog for mk-parallel-dump:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.1

   * Updated common code.

Changelog for mk-parallel-restore:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.1

   * Updated common code.

Changelog for mk-query-profiler:

2007-12-07: version 1.1.7

   * Updated common code.
   * Added --session command-line option.
   * Servers without session variables crashed the tool (bug #1840320).
   * The meaning of --innodb was reversed.

Changelog for mk-show-grants:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.6

   * Updated common code.

Changelog for mk-slave-delay:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.3

   * Updated common code.

Changelog for mk-slave-restart:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.3

   * Updated common code.

Changelog for mk-table-checksum:

2007-12-07: version 1.1.21

   * Updated common code.
   * --chunksize was broken when no suffix given (bug #1845018).
   * --replcheck replaces the --recursecheck option (bug #1841407).

Changelog for mk-table-sync:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.0

   * Complete rewrite.
   * Syncs multiple tables and servers
   * Has no top-down or bottom-up algorithms
   * Integrates with mk-table-checksum results
   * Fixes many bugs, probably introduces new ones

Changelog for mk-visual-explain:

2007-12-07: version 1.0.5

   * Updated common code.
   * Queries of the form "... FROM (SELECT 1) AS X" crashed the tool.

About The Author

Baron is the founder and CEO of VividCortex. He is the author of High Performance MySQL and many open-source tools for performance analysis, monitoring, and system administration. Baron contributes to various database communities such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB.