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How much memory does MySQL Enterprise Monitor's agent use?

After last week’s post on agents versus agentless monitoring systems, I got a lot of email. One, from a customer whose name I am not permitted to mention, sent me the following action shot (posted with permission):

MySQL Enterprise Monitor Memory Usage

Over half a gigabyte; more than twice what MySQL itself is using. So, that raises an interesting question. How much memory would you say your server’s MySQL Enterprise Monitor agent uses? No bashing allowed, tell the truth. And please post if your agent runs in a small amount of memory, too.

Another thing I’m interested in: what factors contribute to the high memory usage? Under what conditions does it use a lot or a little? What can you expect, generally speaking?

On another note, I think it’s almost unfair not to mention the competition, so I will: I was playing with MONyog 2.6 recently and it started to use a lot of CPU. I think it might be architecture-specific (amd64 Ubuntu) but I can’t be sure. It was using 170% CPU on my dual-core system to monitor 2 instances.

Posted on Tue, Aug 26, 2008. Approximately 200 Words.

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