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Maatkit version 2582 released

The December release is here! There are some goodies in this release, but the major one is an initial version of mk-log-parser, a slow log analysis tool that is carefully designed (with lots of input from Percona consultants) to make slow log analysis as productive and easy as possible. It’s based on a lot of work Daniel and I have done on log analysis over the years (I actually wrote the initial version a long time ago but never released it). Our goal is to finally put all the mostly-good-enough log parsing tools to rest. There are bugs, we know that; but we’d like you to use the tool and give us feedback anyway.

We also made mk-audit a little more robust, although we didn’t really start to touch the massive TODO list for it. And we fixed a few bugs in mk-table-checksum and mk-table-sync, as well as making them more efficient.

As usual, please use the mailing list and issue system for anything but compliments.

Posted on Mon, Dec 1, 2008. Approximately 200 Words.

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