Where do you use Maatkit in real life?

I note that Maatkit has been deemed unworthy to mention on Wikipedia. Someone emailed me the deletion log today:

20:13, 10 July 2008 Djsasso (Talk | contribs) deleted “Maatkit” ‎ (WP:PROD, reason was ‘Non-notable application, single primary source’.)

I have never been a very big promoter. I prefer to let people promote things themselves, and I try for a policy of attraction rather than promotion myself.

With that said, I often hear people saying some variant of “Maatkit saved my behind, thanks so much. I use it all the time.”

But that’s my private email and phone calls. So now is your chance to say so in public. Put your love story in the comments, and let’s see if Maatkit is notable or not. Oh, and feel free to bring back the Wikipedia page if you think Wikipedia is notable enough that it’s important for Maatkit to be there ;-)