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Version 1.1.8 of Better Cacti Templates released

I’ve released version 1.1.8 of the Better Cacti Templates project. This release includes a bunch of bug fixes and several important new graphs. There are graphs for the new response-time statistics exposed in Percona Server, and a new set of graphs for MongoDB.

There are upgrade instructions on the project wiki for this and all releases. There is also a comprehensive tutorial on how to create your own graphs and templates with this project. Use the project issue tracker (not the comments on this post!) to view and report issues, and use the project mailing list to discuss the templates and scripts.

The full changelog follows.

2011-01-22: version 1.1.8

  * The cache file names could conflict due to omitting --port (issue 171).
  * Load-average parsing did not work correctly at high load (issue 170).
  * The --mpds option to did not create new inputs (issue 133).
  * The url and port were reversed in the Nginx commandline (issue 149).
  * Added $nc_cmd to ss_get_by_ssh.php (issue 154, issue 152).
  * InnoDB Transactions and other graphs showed NaN instead of 0 (issue 159).
  * Added graphs for Percona Server response-time distribution (issue 158).
  * Added graphs for MongoDB (issue 136).
  * Added a minimum option to the template construction logic (issue 169).
  * Added memtotal for Memory (issue 146).
  * sanity checks were too strict (issue 168).

Posted on Sat, Jan 22, 2011. Approximately 300 Words.

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