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Get a free copy of High Performance MySQL 3rd Edition!

Want a free copy of High Performance MySQL, Third Edition? If you register before the early-bird pricing expires for the MySQL Conference in April, and use the discount code PL-Book, you’ll get to take a free copy home from the conference!

And now, a status update: I’m currently proofing the QC2 (quality control #2) revision of the book; after this, the book goes to manufacturing. The PDF is now 820 pages, which is a lot of work to proofread. You can imagine how much more in-depth we’ve been able to go with so many more pages.

The free sample online is Chapter 8, on optimizing MySQL configuration. Liz van Dijk just tweeted this about it:

The sample chapter of High Perf MySQL 3rd Ed is both amazingly to the point and hilarious at times. Instant buy for me.

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to take a look at the sample. Then go register for the conference to get your free copy, and I’ll see you in Santa Clara! We’re also arranging a book-signing at the conference, so you can get some scribbles on your copy if you want!

Posted on Wed, Feb 15, 2012. Approximately 200 Words.

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