Agile project management tools

Wow, talk about an industry that’s overcrowded with look-alike me-too products. Online agile project management tools are a dime a dozen, which makes me think that they are probably all very similar and probably don’t solve most people’s needs. I’ve observed that when this is true, nearly-indistinguishable tools get reinvented, until the burden of evaluating the options is greater than the burden of just building yet another one, thus perpetuating the cycle.

Here are some of the products I looked at yesterday:

Acunote, ActiveCollab, AgileBench, AgileZen, Asana, Backlog, Basecamp, Blimp, Bugly, Huboard, IceScrum, JIRA, Kanbanery, Kickoff, Lean-To, Lighthouse, OnTime, PivotalTracker, Planbox,, Rally, Redmine, ScrumDo, Sensei, SnowyEvening, Sprintly, TargetProcess, Trac, Trajectory, Trello, Unfuddle, YouTrack, Zoho Projects.