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This is a conversation between equals. You’re a software engineer, database administrator, web designer, or JavaScript guru. You can peek over my shoulder, or you can pair program with me at your convenience, on your schedule. You watch how I do things. I read and reply to your comments.

I’m a curious guy. I am constantly pushing myself to learn new things, ask why things are the way they are and how can they be improved, and broaden my perspectives. Even if you just read and don’t comment, it’s worth it to me to publish this blog. It’s one of the ways I continue to improve my own skills.

Real work, real challenges, real solutions

I earn my living as a professional software engineer, doing real work: e-commerce, catalog sales, Internet marketing and advertising, web design and development, and so on. I’m not in it for the glory. I’m not presenting at Web 2.0 conferences. I’m not a professor, an academic, not even an expert. But the challenges I overcome are real, and they’re relevant to you, because you’re doing real work too.

Your time is scarce. When you find my articles by searching for a solution to a problem, you need to read the solution and apply it. When you have a spare minute over lunch break, you need to read the article, understand the point, and still have time left to rinse out your coffee cup. I write clear, structured articles that explain solutions quickly, and demonstrate techniques and practices in a way that anyone can get and – importantly – remember.

My goals for this blog

This blog is original, quality content. I try not to duplicate other people’s content or answer questions answered elsewhere. Sometimes it may look like I do, but I consider every topic carefully, and I don’t write unless there’s a reason. On average, I revise each article for many weeks before posting, and I currently have 47 drafts in various stages of completion – and I delete more drafts than I publish. That’s how much time and thought I put into my writing.

This blog is regular. I currently have 15 articles finished, and I publish several times a week. I plan ahead for vacations and busy times.

This blog is focused. You won’t read about my vacations, my wedding plans, or which football team I’m rooting for. It’s about software engineering, not my personal life.

And finally, I listen and respond. If you have challenges of your own, I’ll try to help you solve them too.


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