Xaprb joins 9rules

Xaprb is now part of the 9rules network. It’s an honor and a pleasure. The best part is what Mr. Scrivens said about me:

…the type of guy I would set next to in Calc class and watch him hacking the hell out of his TI calculator…

My friends got quite a kick out of that. So did I, actually. Even being accepted to the network is a nice compliment, but this made me grin a big grin.

And for the record, I’ve always been a fan of the HP48GX, for two reasons: a) nobody uses TI in real life, only in the classroom (but if you’re an engineer, surveyor, etc you will use the HP) and b) Reverse Polish Notation is so much fun. Maybe it’s only my brain that thinks in stack operations, but seriously, 1 enter 1 plus is so much more logical than 1 plus 1.

Onward and upward!

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