JavaScript regular expression toolkit

I have created a web page that matches regular expressions against arbitrary input text and displays the results graphically, so you can take some sample text and build regular expressions the easy way, with immediate feedback about what matches and where, where you have errors, and more.

Regular Expression Toolkit Screenshot

I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks, a minute here and there as I get time. A few days ago I saw someone created a very nifty similar app over at Rex V. Apparently the pundits are right – never assume you’re the only one with an idea.

Mine is simpler and doesn’t use AJAX. It’s JavaScript only. Thanks to the folks at ActiveState for the idea – I was inspired by Komodo. I have to wonder whether Rex V was too!

Here it is: the JavaScript regular expression toolkit.

I used my work on grouping data visually with row groups and browser variations in RexExp.exec() to build this tool.

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