Version 0.1.123 of innotop released

I’ve made several improvements to the innotop InnoDB and MySQL monitor, and it’s ready to get from the innotop homepage.

As usual, it’s a combination of bug fixes, new features, and enhancements to existing features. Changes since version 0.1.112 include

  • More detailed lock information displayed in InnoDB Deadlock mode.
  • A new section in Row Operations / Semaphores mode shows information about the wait array.
  • I’ve expanded the test suite a lot. There’s a lot of tricky stuff dealing with older versions of InnoDB that I’ve solved. It is a lot better at parsing information from the older table formats, etc. (Though I still need to either build or find samples from ancient versions and add them to the test suite – contact me if you’re willing to donate samples from servers running MySQL 3.x or on Windows!)
  • It handles foreign key error information better.
  • Read the changelog in the package for the full list of changes.

I hope you find it useful. As always, leave your comments.

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