The innotop session at MySQLConf 2007

Speaker at MySQLConf 2007 I’ll present a session on the innotop MySQL and InnoDB monitoring tool at 2007 MySQL Conference and Expo in a couple of weeks.

The innotop session will focus on using innotop’s basic and intermediate-level features. I’ll demonstrate how to install it and get the initial configuration set up. I’ll show you what innotop is good at doing, and how to do some of the things I do frequently, such as watch queries, check replication status, and look at what transactions are currently open. And I’ll demonstrate some of innotop’s many small features that can help you use it to watch and control your MySQL servers.

You’ll leave the session with a comprehensive understanding of how innotop works, and how to make it work for you.

By the way, though I originally designed innotop to monitor InnoDB, it goes far beyond that now. It has a lot to offer everyone, not just InnoDB users.

I hope to see you there.

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