innotop 1.4.2 released

This release of the innotop MySQL and InnoDB monitor is a major upgrade in terms of functionality, code quality, and interface consistency. It is the result of me working for over a month to get innotop into shape for the recent MySQL Conference and Expo. Here’s a summary of the changes:

Major changes

  • Quick-filters to easily filter any column in any display
  • Compatibility with MySQL 3.23 through 6.0
  • Improved error handling when a server is down, permissions denied, etc
  • Use additional SHOW INNODB STATUS information in 5.1.x
  • Make all modes use tables consistently, so they can all be edited, filtered, colored and sorted consistently
  • Combine V, G and S modes into S mode, with v, g, and s hot-keys
  • Let DBD driver read MySQL option files; permit connections without user/pass/etc
  • Compile SQL-like expressions into Perl subroutines; eliminate need to know Perl
  • Do not save all config data to config file, only save user’s customizations
  • Rewritten and improved command-line option handling
  • Added –count, –delay, and other command-line options to support run-and-exit operation
  • Improve built-in variable sets
  • Improve help screen with three-part balanced-column layout
  • Simplify table-editor and improve hotkey support
  • Require Perl to have high-resolution time support (Time::HiRes)
  • Help the user choose a query to analyze or kill
  • Enable EXPLAIN, show-full-query in T mode just like Q mode
  • Let data-extraction access current, previous and incremental data sets all at once

Minor changes

  • Column stabilizing for Q mode

  • New color rules for T, Q, W modes

  • Apply replica I/O filter to Q mode

  • Improve detection of server version and other meta-data

  • Make connection timeout a config variable

  • Improve cross-version-compatible SQL syntax

  • Get some information from the DBD driver instead of asking MySQL for it

  • Improved error messages

  • Improve server group creation/editing

  • Improve connection/thread killing

  • Fix broken key bindings and restore previously mapped hot-keys for choosing columns

  • Some documentation updates (but not nearly enough)

  • Allow the user to specify graphing char in S mode (formerly G mode)

  • Allow easy switching between variable sets in S mode

  • Bind ‘n’ key globally to choose the ‘next’ server connection

  • Bind ‘%’ key globally to filter displayed tables

  • Allow aligning columns on the decimal place for easy readability

  • Add hide_hdr config variable to hide column headers in tables

  • Add a feature to smartly run PURGE MASTER LOGS in Replication mode

  • Enable debug mode as a globally configurable variable

  • Improve error messages when an expression or filter doesn’t compile or has a run-time error; die on error when debug is enabled

  • Allow user-configurable delays after executing SQL (to let the server settle down before taking another measurement)

  • Add an expression to show how long until a transaction is finished

  • Add skip_innodb as a global config variable

  • Add ‘%’ after percentages to help disambiguate (user-configurable)

  • Add column to M mode to help see how fast replica is catching up to master

    Bug fixes

  • T and W modes had wrong value for wait_status column

  • Error tracking on connections didn’t reset when the connection recovered

  • wait_timeout on connections couldn’t be set before MySQL 4.0.3

  • There was a crash on 3.23 when wiping deadlocks

  • Lettercase changes in some result sets (SHOW MASTER/SLAVE STATUS) between MySQL versions crashed innotop

  • Inactive connections crashed innotop upon access to DBD driver

  • set_precision did not respect user defaults for number of digits

  • –inc command-line option could not be negated

  • InnoDB status parsing was not always parsing all needed information

  • S mode (formerly G mode) could crash trying to divide non-numeric data

  • M table didn’t show Replica_open_temp_tables variable; incorrect lettercase

  • DBD drivers with broken AutoCommit would crash innotop

  • Some key bindings had incorrect labels

  • Some config-file loading routines could load data for things that didn’t exist

  • Headers printed too often in S mode

  • High-resolution time was not used even when the user had it

  • Non-interactive mode printed blank lines sometimes

  • Q-mode header and statusbar showed different QPS numbers

  • Formulas for key-cache and query-cache hit ratios were wrong

  • Mac OS “Darwin” machines were mis-identified as Microsoft Windows

  • Some multiplications crashed when given undefined input

  • The commify transformation did not check its input and could crash

  • Specifying an invalid mode on the command line or config file could crash innotop

    What’s next

  • In a word: documentation.

    But that’s not all. Take a look at the roadmap for the project, and you find such features as mutex monitoring, the ability to monitor a file instead of connecting to a MySQL server, and much more. Some of this functionality is already done, but it’s not mature enough to release (feel free to use the latest trunk source, which is what I use every day; it usually works just fine).

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