I caught most of the second day of MySQL Camp 2007. It was fun and educational as before. The format was a little different than the last Camp; everything was in one room. Google and Proven Scaling provided food. Sessions were loosely organized, to say the least, but that’s what an un-conference is all about. When I got there, Ronald Bradford was presenting on MySQL Proxy. Bob Stein, creator of Visibone charts and cheat-sheets, followed with a session seeking feedback to improve the charts. By the way, the way he produces those charts is totally off the wall. Jay Pipes gave an extended tutorial on ways to make MySQL perform really badly. After lunch, I gave sort of a stand-up talk on MySQL Toolkit, which I typed up while listening to the other talks. I tried to give an overview of what the tools in the toolkit are, how they work, and what to use them for. A couple other people showed some of their own tools after that too.

Then I went to supper in Manhattan with a bunch of old and new friends from the MySQL community, played some card games, and that’s it. Worth every minute!

I’m going to try to help Jay organize the next camp in central Virginia at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. I think the tentative plan is early next May or something like that. I’m sure that is all subject to change.

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