We’ve begun writing the second edition of the now-classic High Performance MySQL. “We” means co-authors Arjen Lentz (formerly of MySQL), Baron Schwartz (that’s me), and Vadim Tkachenko and Peter Zaitzev, both formerly of MySQL’s high-performance team and now partners at Percona, a high-performance MySQL consultancy firm and host of the popular MySQL Performance Blog. Neither of the first edition’s authors (Jeremy Zawodny and Derek Balling) is working on this project, but they’re with us in spirit, I think. O’Reilly is still the publisher, and Andy Oram is still the editor.

Though we’re theoretically revising and updating the first edition, we’re actually starting from scratch and re-writing the book. We’re expanding it from the first edition’s 265 pages to 384, according to the contract, but my unofficial guess is it’ll go well over 400 pages. A lot has changed since Jeremy and Derek wrote the first edition – high performance MySQL is a bigger subject today, with different techniques, tools and technologies, and of course a much more complicated MySQL server. The second edition will remain the definitive reference for building high-performance, scalable systems with MySQL.

We’re early in the process, so it’s hard to know how far into the future we can safely look. Still, just to whet your appetite, here’s the table of contents:

  1. Preface
  2. Back to basics
  3. MySQL Architecture
  4. Finding Bottlenecks: Profiling and Benchmarks
  5. Schema Optimization and indexing
  6. Query Performance Optimization
  7. Advanced SQL Functionality
  8. Optimizing Server Settings
  9. Operating System and Hardware Optimization
  10. Scaling and High Availability
  11. Application Level Optimization
  12. Backup and Recovery
  13. Security
  14. Analyzing Server Status
  15. Tools for High Performance

Stay tuned for more news as the book progresses. The four of us plan to blog as we go.

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