pair Networks is now carbon-neutral

I’m a big fan of pair Networks, my hosting company. Their service has been outstanding; the few times I’ve ever had a glitch with my shared hosting, they have been responsive beyond the call of duty and done whatever it takes to fix the issue. I use them to host not only a half-dozen of my own sites, but family and client sites as well, plus some other groups I’m involved with. It has been a uniformly excellent experience.

Now I see pair Networks has gone carbon-neutral too. While such labels can be abused, and I wouldn’t really trust this announcement from just anyone, I trust them. I’m happy to see them trying to reduce their environmental impact. Go pair, go!

Side note: pair is not the cheapest (and I’m accepting gifts if you feel the urge), but every other hosting provider I’ve heard people rave about for cheapness eventually ends up being a sore point – even the biggest in the industry – I’ll name no names. Sometimes there’s no way to know if someone is good without trying them for six months and seeing how they handle problems. I am also involved with enterprises that use Blue Ridge InternetWorks, who is also top-notch and employs a number of people I respect a lot.

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