Maatkit (formerly MySQL Toolkit) version 1297 contains a significant update to MySQL Table Checksum (which will be renamed soon to avoid trademark violations). The changelog follows. What you don’t see in the changelog is the unit test suite! I got a lot more of the code into modules that are tested and re-usable.

2007-11-18: version 1.1.19 

* Check for needed privileges on --replicate table before beginning. 
* Made some error messages more informative. 
* Fixed child process exit status with 8-bit right-shift. 
* Improved checksumming code auto-detects best algorithm and function. 
* Added --ignoreengine option; ignores federated and merge by default. 
* Added --columns and --checksum options. 
* Removed --chunkcol, --chunksize-exact, --index options. 
* --chunksize can be specified as a data size now. 
* Improved chunking algorithm handles more cases and uses fewer chunks. 
* Do not print --replcheck results for servers that are not replicas. 
* Create only one DB connection for each host, not one per host/tbl/chunk. 
* Code assumed backtick quoting, broke on SQL_MODE=ANSI (bug #1813030). 
* There were many potential bugs with database and table name quoting. 
* Child exit status errors could be masked by subsequent successes.

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