Maatkit version 1753 released

This release contains minor bug fixes and new features. Besides the little bug fixes, there’s a fun new feature in mk-heartbeat: it can auto-discover replicas recursively, and show the replication delay on all of them, to wit:

baron@keywest ~ $ mk-heartbeat --check --host master -D rkdb --recurse 10
master 0
slave1 1
slave2 1
slave3 4

(Not actual results. Your mileage may vary. Closed course, professional driver. Do not attempt).

Nothing else in this release is very exciting. I just wanted to get the bug fixes out there.

Changelog for mk-heartbeat:

2008-02-10: version 1.0.7

   * Added --recurse option to check replicas to any depth.
   * Made mk-heartbeat explicitly close DB connection when done.

Changelog for mk-parallel-dump:

2008-02-10: version 1.0.6

   * Added the --losslessfp option.
   * Fixed child process exit status on Solaris (bug #1886444).

Changelog for mk-parallel-restore:

2008-02-10: version 1.0.5

   * Fixed forking issues with File::Find on Solaris (bug #1887102).
   * Fixed child process exit status on Solaris (bug #1886444).
   * The --defaults-file option caused a mysql error (bug #1886866).

Changelog for mk-show-grants:

2008-02-10: version 1.0.8

   * Added --timestamp option.

Changelog for mk-table-checksum:

2008-02-10: version 1.1.25

   * The --lock option did not work correctly (bug #1884712).

Changelog for mk-table-sync:

2008-02-10: version 1.0.5

   * The Stream algorithm wasn't chosen when a table had no key.
   * Numeric strings beginning with 0 weren't quoted (bug #1883019).

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