Come to beCamp 2008

I’m going to be at beCamp 2008, the followup to the first beCamp, which I sadly missed.

beCamp is a BarCamp un-conference. Tonight was about meeting, greeting, and throwing ideas at the wall to see which ones stick. Literally. We stuck pieces of paper on the wall with our ideas – things we can either talk about or want to hear about – and then scratched our votes on them to see which are popular.

I live and breathe MySQL for a decent part of the day, so I hesitated, but then stuck “MySQL Performance” on the wall. It got quite a few votes, so I assume will be giving a talk on MySQL performance basics at some point during the conference. (The exact schedule is probably being determined right now, in my absence, but I’m so tired right now that I’ll just take my chances on it not being at 8:00 AM tomorrow.) [edit: I just checked the website and there won’t be anything before 9:00, and the schedule is determined tomorrow. I did say I’m tired, right?]

See you there!

PS: if you want to meet some of my colleagues from my former employer, the Rimm-Kaufman Group, they’ll be there too, wearing the “We’re Hiring” t-shirts. They’re hiring, by the way.

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