News flash: MySQL 5.1 has zero bugs

Zack Urlocker says MySQL 5.1 has zero bugs. He may have been misquoted, or quoted out of context, but there it is. I’ll quote enough of it that you can’t take it out of context twice:

Mickos also said MySQL 5.1 has upgraded its reliability and ease of use over 2005′s v5.0.

"Now we can admit it, but this version is much improved over 5.0, which we weren't totally happy with," Mickos confided.

He reported that more than 1,300 bugs (997 in 2007, 386 so far in 2008) have been fixed in v5.1, and that, according to standard DBT2 benchmarks, the performance of v5.1 is 10 to 15 percent better than the previous version.

"This version now has zero bugs," Urlocker told eWEEK.

You can check for yourself at the MySQL bug statistics page.

Of course it’s not true. But what did Zack really say, I wonder?

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