High Performance MySQL Second Edition Schedule

I just got the rest of the production schedule from the publisher, plus the PDF files for quality control, for our upcoming book. (Now I have to proofreeed the whole book!) This is the first time I’ve seen the entire production schedule. The book is supposed to go to the printer in the first week of June. I don’t know what the on-the-shelf date will be, but I think very shortly after that. The publisher has promised that it’ll physically be on sale at Velocity.

I also took a peek at the PDFs. Without the appendixes, the last page of Chapter 14 (Tools for High Performance) is page 604. The appendixes bring it to 660 pages. That’s real material, not including tables of contents and indexes. So my estimate (620) was not too far off.

660 pages is not bad, considering that the contract was for 384 pages.

Another note: the marketing materials for the book emphasize that it covers MySQL 5.1. While this is true, I want to point out that we took a real-life approach: we write about what we’ve seen in the real world, and 5.1 is not as widely deployed in the real world. However, the book’s real value, as far as version-specific content goes, is its tremendous depth and breadth in MySQL 4.1 and 5.0. These have been “out there” for a long time, and among the four of us we’ve seen about every conceivable scenario with it. So you’ll get a lot of insight about current, production-ready, widely-used versions. Let the other guys speculate – we just report the facts. It’s not like there’s any shortage of things to say about 5.0, right?

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