I finally have some images to show you what my improved Cacti templates look like.

VividCortex is the startup I founded in 2012. It’s the easiest way to monitor what your servers are doing in production and I consider it far superior to Cacti. VividCortex offers MySQL performance monitoring and PostgreSQL performance management among many other features.

These aren't a perfect demo, since for example this server doesn't have the query cache enabled, but it should show you what I've done. Note, for example, that each graph is labeled with the actual values of the images drawn on it. You don't have to guess what the values are by squinting at the graphs.

You can click on any image to go to a larger version. Enjoy:

InnoDB Buffer Pool Activity InnoDB Buffer Pool InnoDB I/O InnoDB I/O Pending InnoDB Insert Buffer InnoDB Log InnoDB Row Operations InnoDB Semaphores InnoDB Transactions MyISAM Indexes MySQL Binary/Relay Logs MySQL Command Counters MySQL Connections MySQL Files and Tables MySQL Network Traffic MySQL Query Cache MySQL Query Cache Memory MySQL Replication MySQL Select Types MySQL Sorts MySQL Table Locks MySQL Temporary Objects


Done! Now Read These: