Percona wants to hire a Maatkit developer

Percona is looking to hire someone to develop Maatkit, among other things.

If I weren’t having so much fun being the consulting team lead, I’d be doing it myself. (In fact, I’m still hacking on it a lot. Got some pretty fun stuff done this weekend.) I don’t know what the rest of the world thinks, but I think Maatkit is a damn enjoyable project to work on. Hopefully someone else will have the same kind of mindset and want to get paid for it, unlike poor working-on-the-weekends me.

I’m not stepping away from the project. It’s just grown a lot, and there is room and money to grow it much more. This is actually the best compliment to the project: that it is worth hiring someone to keep improving it. Lots of people are using it, and there’s a lot of stealth-mode stuff I/we want to do with it too.

On a related note, who wants me to order another batch of Maatkit t-shirts? I’ve gotten quite a few questions about it.

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