Are you sure you're reading the second edition of High Performance MySQL?

I have been getting a lot of comments and errata from people who seem to be mistakenly buying the first edition and believing it’s the second edition. A lot of the blame for this probably rests with Amazon, who did not distinguish between the two editions at all until the editor and I (among others) leaned on them persistently for about 6 weeks. I think some people are buying the second edition and getting the first edition.

I’ve even spoken to people in person who said “yeah, I’ve been reading it” and I give them a copy of the second edition to hold in their hands, and they go “whoa, that is like twice the size. I don’t have this edition at all.”

If you have any question at all, just look at the front cover. If you have the second edition, you will see it clearly in the upper right-hand corner of the cover, as shown in this picture:


I feel like a Microsoft Anti-Piracy Minion “educating” you about how to verify that you are installing Genuine Spyware. Don’t worry, the feeling will pass and I’ll be okay *grin*

If you ordered the second edition and got the first edition, Amazon should send you a new book free of charge. If they’re really making the mistake that they seem to be, I predict they’ll fix it when it starts costing them money.

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