Along with some others, I have arranged a conference for open-source database users and developers.

Key facts:

  • It is of, by and for the community (you).
  • At this event, all open-source databases are created equal. We’ll learn together and grow together.
  • It’s a combination conference and hackathon.
  • It’s free.
  • It is Friday night Nov 14, 18:00 through Sun the 16th at 18:00 in Charlottesville, Virginia USA in a very cool location.
  • The website, where all details will be posted:
  • The mailing group, where details will be discussed, decided and arranged:
  • Date, time and place are confirmed and will not change. You can make your travel plans now. There’s travel information on the wiki.
  • We already have some great speakers who have offered to give great talks. These and other details will show up on the wiki as they’re finalized.
  • Sponsors are needed. See the wiki.

Despite the name, this will be different from other Camp conferences you’ve been to. This is a combination of a planned event (with great speakers and sessions), semi-planned spontaneity (sessions to be decided by attendees the night before), and a hackfest. It’s the best elements cherry-picked from all the conferences (and un-conferences) you’ve been to.

What should you do next? Go to the website and register yourself. Then go join the mailing list. And buy your plane tickets before they get too expensive. And tell your friends, and blog about it.

See you on the mailing list and the wiki!

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