The newest release of Maatkit contains mk-audit bug fixes, lots of new features for mk-table-checksum so you can check replication more frequently (see my earlier post about this), and more bug fixes for other tools.

Here’s the changelog:

Changelog for mk-audit:

2008-10-17: version 0.9.3

   * mk-audit died if no /etc/*release file existed (issue 62).
   * mk-audit complained if it could not execute dmidecode (issue 62).
   * mk-audit died if user didn't have privs to SHOW PROCESSLIST (issue 60).
   * Made output in PROBLEMS report tabular (issue 41).

Changelog for mk-table-checksum:

2008-10-17: version 1.2.0

   * Added --recheck (issue 69).
   * Added --ignorecols (issue 94).
   * Added --createreplicate (issue 77).
   * Added --resume and --resume-replicate (issue 36).
   * --since crashed on blackhole tables (issue 64).
   * Added --singlechunk and --savesince (issue 53).
   * --replicate with large WHERE did not fit in boundaries column (issue 81).

Changelog for mk-table-sync:

2008-10-17: version 1.0.10

   * --tables was not honored when using --replicate (issue 79).
   * Updated documentation (issue 85).
   * --replicate failed cryptically on truncated boundaries column (issue 81).

Changelog for mk-visual-explain:

2008-10-17: version 1.0.11

   * There was a Perl compilation error on Perl 5.10 (issue 90).

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