Now why would I do that, especially when my blog is syndicated through it?

Simple. I’m always trying to cut back on RSS and other “stuff.” Less is more. But don’t worry – I subscribed again. Only this time, I subscribed to my own filtered version of it! I built it via Yahoo! Pipes. And I made it public, so you can subscribe to it too.

So what’s wrong with Planet MySQL?

Well… have you noticed how much airheaded marketing fluff has been pumped into the feed lately? It’s like some marketing droid handed down the order from on high, telling every marketing sub-droid to start writing clueless posts promoting things they don’t understand. So I have filtered out a few choice items. I have cut out the stuff I consider fluffy and/or bovine feces. And anyone who writes things I think are fluffy in the future, will get the axe too. Less is more.

Let me know if you subscribe to it. Feel free to suggest further filters.

Update being on the cut-list isn’t meant to say I think you are fluff or B.F. I also cut out some things I don’t find interesting from a technical standpoint. Sorry if I offended anyone (though I did mean to send a message to the marketing humanoids).

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