Google Code rocks my world

Google Code just rocks. It is clean, sparse, elegant, and it has all the functionality I need. Its template-driven issue tracking system (totally flexible and totally easy to flex!), niceties like cross-references between issues and Subversion revisions, simple but completely adequate Wiki, and nice download system are the bomb. And the code reviews and ability to comment on revisions are super nice. Oh, and it’s really nice that the data is stored in a place I feel pretty sure is safe.

It has all the nice features I admired a lot about Trac, which is my other favorite collaboration tool for software development.

A while ago I moved Maatkit development to Google Code from Sourceforge. It was a move I’d been considering but dreading. A friend pushed me over the edge by promising to migrate the Subversion repo for me. In all it was really painless, and certainly a move that has enabled Maatkit’s development to proceed much more quickly and smoothly than it would have at Sourceforge. Not to pick on Sourceforge, but their interface is seemingly designed to prevent you from getting anything done – it is really hard to use in about every possible way, and makes simple tasks take hours (making a new release, anyone?). And Sourceforge doesn’t even back up your data! What’s the point of project hosting if you’re supposed to back up your own revision control, website, and database?

Thank you Google!

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