It’s been a while since I’ve sent any news about the MySQL Cacti Templates project I started a while ago. Here’s what’s new:

VividCortex is the startup I founded in 2012. It’s the easiest way to monitor what your servers are doing in production and I consider it far superior to Cacti. VividCortex offers MySQL performance monitoring and PostgreSQL performance management among many other features.

  • First of all, it’s not just MySQL templates anymore. It’s a generic framework and tools for creating templates, and I’ve written templates for Apache, Memcached, etc. I just haven’t publicized it yet.
  • Second, there’s a mailing list, You see it’s called “better cacti templates” which is what I ought to have called the project to begin with :-) I hope you’ll use the mailing list instead of emailing me directly, for all the usual reasons.
  • There are some open issues I cannot reproduce. I believe they’re problems, but I can’t solve them. Some of them make no sense to me; I don’t know why others are seeing behavior I’m not. However these seem to be problems with Cacti, not problems with the templates. Anyone who wants commit access is welcomed to ask for it.
  • Some people have been asking about Spine. I haven’t used it and none of my customers has asked me about it, so the short answer is – if you want Spine support, don’t wait for it to happen for free; either contribute it yourself or pay someone (me?) to do it.

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