I’m not sure this has been publicized much in the PostgreSQL world yet, but the Percona Performance Conference is not a MySQL-centric event. We’re hoping for good sessions on PostgreSQL and lots of other topics. So this is an invitation – come attend, and submit sessions.

A few words about marketing. The event is free, and even though it’s stamped with Percona’s name and under Percona’s control, it is a technical event. If you want to present, you will be welcome to bring some marketing materials for your company. We’ll have something like a table for pamphlets and books. If you would like to present on a commercial product, it’s fine; and it’s okay to mention what you do or what your company does – we’re not trying to cramp anyone, but we’re looking for technical sessions. We’ll be doing the same thing. We’re renting a booth in the expo hall to do marketing.

We hope this will be an opportunity to get together and learn and teach; there isn’t really a PostgreSQL event on the west coast until later this year. I’ve made phone calls and sent emails to a lot of my PostgreSQL friends, but I’m sure I’m missing someone – I just went through my business card collection. Spread the word!

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