Sourceforge has reintroduced persistent login cookies. Here’s the bug request I submitted about this, a long time ago.

The thing is, I don’t really care much anymore. I’ve moved my open-source projects off Sourceforge onto Google Code. I am about 10x more productive there.

This lesson can be applied to pretty much everything on the web these days. Make it even the slightest bit hard to use your service, and people will use what’s easy instead. (Sourceforge’s user interface is more than slightly hard to use.)

The New York Times is the same way for me. They want me to log in to read the news stories. They say it’s free, and I say ok, then why do I need an account? Forget it.

Am I selfish? Do I want something for nothing? Am I lazy and impatient beyond imagining? Yes.

Am I typical? Yes.

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