I’ve made plans to attend part of Saturday and part of Sunday at PostgreSQL Conference East 2009. I wish I could be there the whole time. Anyway I’m just thrilled that I’ll get to see people again, and meet new people I didn’t get to meet before.

I think Josh Berkus has talked me into doing some kind of lightning talk on what the PostgreSQL community is doing right from my POV, and what parts of that I try to emulate in “other” areas of my professional life (if you know what I mean), though I can’t see how that can actually fit into a lightning talk. But that’s the point of a LT. Hmm. So it turns out Josh was inviting me to to an LT at a different PG conference. Thanks xzilla for explaining to me.

I have a hotel room at the Sheraton right next to Drexel for Saturday night, and am hoping to split that with someone, or cancel it and share someone else’s room.

An item that may be of interest: I’ve been seeing a lot of twittering and various blogs, emails, comments on IRC, etc, to the effect of this comment I saw on #postgresql today:

there are days where I’m very saddened that I’m that far away from the US of A
for example when I see something like this: http://conferences.percona.com/percona-performance-conference-2009/schedule.html So I’d like to extend again a warm welcome to the PostgreSQL community to this event. You can read more about it here.

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