Sessions of interest at MySQL Conference and Expo 2009

I haven’t really decided my schedule yet during the conference, but I thought I’d mention these sessions that look interesting to me.

I’m presenting a session on how to use Maatkit, which I think attendees will get a lot of benefit from.

  • Tuesday
    • This is Not a Web App: The Evolution of a MySQL Deployment at Google (keynote). Mark Callaghan, need I say more?
    • MySQL and Search at Craigslist. Jeremy has gotten back into technical work after a career at Yahoo! that seemed to lead him away from his heart’s desire. I’d like to hear about the things he’s done, especially since I understand it involves replacing a lot of overloaded MySQL machines with a few underloaded Sphinx machines.
    • Distributed Innodb Caching with memcached. Matt and Yves have been doing really ground-breaking work here. It might not seem revolutionary, but it is: they’re dipping their toes into the future when optimizing code for slow, sequential-access disks is a crime.
    • Rethinking MySQL, Enter Drizzle. I doubt I’ll be able to get in the door for this one.
    • If You Love It, Break It: Testing MySQL with the Random Query Generator. Ah, that sounds nifty.
    • The PBXT Storage Engine: Meeting Future Challenges. I continue to watch PBXT keenly. IMO it is one of the key storage engines of the future.
    • Advanced Query Manipulation with MySQL Proxy. Proxy is a tool that’ll only become more useful in the future, too.
    • Introduction to Using DTrace with MySQL. I’d like to learn about DTrace.
    • Solving Common SQL Problems with the SeqEngine. It’s Beat Vontobel – he always amazes and delights the audience.
    • MySQL Proxy Meets: Binlogs. Hmm, I think there’s a lot going on behind the scenes here. I think Jan is being shy and has something really nifty to unwrap.
    • Understanding and Control of MySQL Query Optimizer: Traditional and Novel Tools and Techniques. Sergey’s talks are always interesting for true propeller heads.
    • Faster Data Reduction and Smoothing for Analysis & Archival in MySQL. I think a lot of my clients could benefit from this!
  • Wednesday
    • The Percona Performance Conference. From 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM, and I think every single session is a must-see. But I’m biased, because I helped pick sessions.
    • Using Q4M: A Message Queue Storage Engine for MySQL. Queues are one of the hardest design patterns to scale with traditional techniques. Anyone who has a queue (jobs to process, comments to moderate, articles to approve, clicks to aggregate, “stuff to do and then mark as done”) should get something from this.
    • libdrizzle: A New Client Library for Drizzle and MySQL. I really think the Drizzle developers’ work will have far-reaching impacts.
    • Monitoring 101: Simple Stuff to Save Your Bacon. What it says.
    • High Availability and Scalability Patches from Google. Good luck fitting in the door on this one, too.
    • SAN Performance on a Internal Disk Budget: The Coming Solid State Disk Revolution. More from Matt Yonkovit.
    • Innodb Database Recovery Techniques. Obligatory plug – Peter Zaitsev.
    • MySQL Performance on EC2. Mark Callaghan? Mark Callaghan! But I have not a clue about this one. I didn’t know he was into EC2. Google doesn’t outsource their infrastructure, do they?
    • There are several time slots on Wednesday when there is nothing of great interest to me. I will be at the Maatkit dot-org booth in the expo hall during this time, or maybe at the Percona conference.
  • Thursday
    • More Percona Performance Conference. Fill your brain! More, more, more!
    • Deep-inspecting MySQL with DTrace. I can’t decide whether this or the earlier one is likely to be better. Domas is a wizard.
    • Map/Reduce and Queues for MySQL Using Gearman. Gearman is something I have my eyes on – either that or Spread. For a secret project.
    • MySQL Support Internals. They run a world-class operation and they’re my competition.
    • Dormando’s Proxy for MySQL. Just because.
    • Advanced Master-Replica Replication with Tungsten Failover. I keep meaning to evaluate this, but haven’t had time.
    • Memory Management in MySQL and Drizzle. A specialized topic, and Stewart knows a lot of stuff.
    • memcached Functions for MySQL: Seemless Caching in MySQL. There’s a lot of neat stuff here.
    • MySQL Row Change Event Extraction and Publish. From Google. What else are they up to?
    • InnoDB Performance and Usability Patches. By Vadim. This is a must-see for anyone who wants leading edge InnoDB features and performance. Percona’s work isn’t very well documented (yet) so this will be a great way to learn about the stuff we’ve done that you might not otherwise find out.
    • SPIDER Storage Engine: Database Sharding by Storage Engine. This one is interesting. It looks like Federated with parallelism and potentially other features. I looked at the source, but it is really unclear to me what it does, and there is nary a comment to be found.
    • Make Your Life Easier with Maatkit. I think I’ll attend this one, since I’m presenting. I’ll be spreading my time out over a lot of different things, and I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep at the conference, so I’ll have to see what I can fit in. But these are the sessions I think look the most interesting.

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