Sessions of interest at MySQL Camp 2009

I wrote previously about what I’m looking forward to at the upcoming MySQL Conference (next week!). Now I want to write about the free, community-organized unconference being held concurrently, MySQL Camp 2009.

It runs from Sunday through Thursday of next week, which is even longer than the MySQL conference. It starts Sunday with a day of games, then there are really good sessions throughout the week. In fact, I daresay the schedule is at times more interesting than the main MySQL conference:

  • Hackfest with Mark Callaghan.
  • Ask a guru. Free advice from really expensive consultants!
  • Presentations from “big name” speakers, such as the BigDBAHead pair, Jeremy Zawodny, and people from Percona.
  • Predicting Performance with Queuing Models with David Lutz. (Think this doesn’t sound interesting? I bet you will change your mind if you go see.)

And a lot more. If you’re in the Bay area, you should really make an effort to come out and attend this. I’ve attended the first two MySQL Camp events, and you can read about them in my blog archives. Well worth going to, and did I mention there is no cost at all?

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