As you may have noticed, Calpont has been advertising themselves as an open-source storage engine for MySQL. And yet there is no source code.

A bit of back-story. When we were choosing speakers for the Percona Performance Conference, I personally reviewed Calpont’s submission and sent them an email on March 19th:

I cannot confirm that this is an open-source columnar storage engine. I can’t find source code or a download of the software. Can you point me the right direction on that? I want to be sure we are describing things accurately.

The response was

Calpont is indeed going to be placed into the open source community somewhere right around the time of the User Conference. We are in the process of wrapping up a few things before we make it available for download so that we can make sure that we make the right first impression.”

I accepted their talk on good faith, but I still don’t see any source code, just “How to Buy” buttons. This blog post is a gentle public reminder that the source code is overdue.

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