I’m going to present at the EdUIConf conference 2009. This is a conference focused in two directions: Web professionals in higher education, and higher education for web professionals. I believe it’s going to be comparable to, or at least in the same vein as, some of the more popular conferences about user interface design, Web standards, and the like. (It’ll also be much more affordable.)

The speaker lineup boasts a number of heavy hitters. I’m guessing those of you in the Web design profession will know the following name: Molly Holzschlag. If you don’t, crawl out from whatever rock you’ve been hiding under!

My own session at this conference will be on the topic of Web front-end performance. I’ve dubbed it High-Performance Web Interface Design, and I’ll focus on a practical approach to performance. Nothing I’ll show you is revolutionary. The problem is, even though it’s not revolutionary to get good client-side performance, people don’t do it, and users suffer terrible interfaces that don’t download, render, or interact in a snappy fashion.

This will be a relatively fast-paced overview of Web front-end performance, and I’ll show you a demo of a badly performing website (such as the type I see often), make some changes to it, and let you see the performance difference.

If you register, I would appreciate you entering my name in the “how did you hear about this” text box. That will give me a chance to win a laptop. *grin*

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