There are two OpenSQL Camp events in 2009. This is a conference about any and all open-source databases. The slogan of the inaugural event was “of, by, and for the community.”

The first of this year’s events just ended last weekend in Germany, and I’m really sad that neither I nor anyone else from Percona could attend. But fortunately the amazing crew of organizers has already posted videos of the sessions!

The other is upcoming in November in Portland, Oregon USA. I am going to try to attend this one. I encourage you to not only attend, but to participate in planning this event. Thus far in its short life, the OpenSQL Camp conference series has been entirely a grassroots effort. You can be part of that.

I also see that the call for proposals for PostgreSQL West 2009 is still open for a few more days. I just wish I could attend all these conferences. Especially if you’re near the west coast of the USA, I encourage you to attend this event – I went to East 2008 and East 2009, and they were really worth it.

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