Last week I attended the Enterprise LAMP Summit and Camp in Nashville, Tennessee. I enjoyed the event and met or reconnected with a lot of great people. I was glad to be able to spend time with some folks from the Postgres community. My own sessions focused on MySQL.

During the Summit I tried to help people understand how to think about performance, and made the case that the Percona versions of the MySQL server are not only the highest-performance available, but uniquely provide the instrumentation necessary to follow a disciplined performance optimization process such as Method R or Goal-Driven Performance Optimization.

At the Camp the next day, there were several sessions on MySQL. My talk was later in the day, so I elected to skip slides and design a talk by taking questions from the audience, then answering them. I thought the attendees had heard enough generic “advice in a vacuum” kind of content by that point in the day. Again I tried to focus on understanding performance and taking a methodical approach.

During the Summit I counted about 65 people at one point, so I suspect there were really about 100 people really in attendance during the day. I think there were slightly more at the Camp. It was a good networking event, and I not only made some good connections, I found opportunities to connect some mutual friends too. The speakers were great quality by and large. There was little to no marketing or sales content, which was welcome. Overall I thought the event was very well done, with only slight glitches that you’d expect at a first-time event. I hope there is a repeat next year and that I am invited to speak again!

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