I’ve released version 1.1.5 of my improved Cacti templates for MySQL and other components of a LAMP application. This is a pure bug-fix release. One of the bug fixes prevents spikes in graphs, but requires you to rebuild your RRD files. There are upgrade instructions on the project wiki for this and all releases. Use the project issue tracker to view and report issues, and use the project mailing list to discuss the templates and scripts.

VividCortex is the startup I founded in 2012. It’s the easiest way to monitor what your servers are doing in production and I consider it far superior to Cacti. VividCortex offers MySQL performance monitoring and PostgreSQL performance management among many other features.

The full changelog follows:

2009-12-13: version 1.1.5

  * Support for getting replica lag via mk-heartbeat was broken (issue 87).
  * The memcached stats command hung because it lacked "quit" (issue 65).
  * The COUNTER data type caused spikes; switched to DERIVE instead (issue41).
  * LOCK WAIT in an InnoDB transaction could cause an error (issue 91).
  * The cache file name didn't include the MySQL port (issue 82).
  * Added the -q option to the SSH command to quell missing homedir warnings.
  * The --port option to the MySQL templates could not be null.
  * The log_bytes_flushed and log_bytes_written were renamed (issue 81).

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