The MySQL Conference will be very good this year

I’m on the voting committee of the MySQL Conference this year. I was on the same committee in 2008. This year’s submissions are awesome. Much different from previous years, for whatever reason.

Some of the proposals are sales pitches, infomercials, or just generally BS, but there’s a gang of sharp-eyed people on the committee who are digging into who submits the proposals, what their company does, etc. Those sessions are getting shot down with bluntly honest reviews and low votes. I have a pretty good reason to believe those votes will carry a lot of weight. But even if they don’t, there simply aren’t many bad proposals! The overwhelming majority of them are very useful technical proposals from people who really know what they are talking about.

This year I truly agree that this is going to be a “deeply technical” event, as it has been marketed to be for years. You should be there – seriously. This will probably be the MySQL educational event of the year. Managers, send your DBA and developer teams.

If you’re looking at the sessions on the website, you should know that we’re still accepting proposals and there are many proposals coming in. I think there were more than 30 new ones today. (Good grief, another one just arrived in the last few minutes!) The few sessions that have been accepted are just early-in, early-accepted. There’s a lot more to come.

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