Maatkit does more than just MySQL. I’ve just committed a new version of mk-query-digest, a powerful log analysis tool, with support for Posgtres logs, in both syslog and stderr format. I’m hoping that people will give this a spin in the real world. I have lots of test cases, but that’s never enough; I’m looking for people to crunch their logs and let me know if anything breaks.

A brief tutorial:

# Get it
$ wget

# Run it
$ perl mk-query-digest --type pglog /path/to/log/file

# Learn about it (search for the string "pglog")
$ perldoc mk-query-digest

I’m going to close comments on this blog post so I don’t get bug reports in the comments. If you have feedback, please post it to the Maatkit mailing list, or the Maatkit issue tracker. Or reply to the thread I just started on the Postgres mailing list.

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