Aspersa, a new opensource toolkit

Some of the utilities we were adding to Maatkit really did not belong there. Yes, this included some of the functionality in the now-retired mk-audit tool. We really learned a lesson about what it’s possible to support, design, spec, code, and test in a single tool.

I’ve moved those tools to a new project, Aspersa. Some folks are revolting and calling it Asparagus, because apparently that’s easier to say. Aspersa is the name of the common garden snail, which turns out to be a fascinating creature. It is also slow. Draw your own conclusions.

This project is more of a home for simple scripts and snippets – a simple place I can grab all the little utilities I use to make my life easy. There is a “summary” tool that largely replaces mk-audit’s functionality outside the database, and I plan to add a “mysql-summary” tool to summarize the database.

I don’t plan to make “releases.” You get the tools with wget directly from SVN trunk. There is no separate website, and little to no documentation, but there is a mailing list, and you’re invited to join and contribute.

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