Getting ready for a new innotop release

It’s been ages since we’ve had an update to innotop, or at least, it’s been a while since the changes were bundled up and released officially. Barring any bug reports against the trunk code, I’m about ready to release more than a year’s worth of improvements to it:

   * Don't re-fetch SHOW VARIABLES every iteration; it's too slow on many hosts.
   * Add a filter to remove EVENT threads in SHOW PROCESSLIST (issue 32).
   * Add a timestamp to output in -n mode, when -t is specified (issue 37).
   * Add a new U mode, for Percona/MariaDB USER_STATISTICS enhancements (issue 39).
   * Add support for millisecond query time in Percona Server (issue 39).
   * Display a summary of queries executed in Query List mode (issue 26).

   Bugs fixed:
   * Hostname parsing wasn't standards compliant (issue 30).
   * MKDEBUG didn't work on some Perl versions (issue 22).
   * Don't try to get InnoDB status if have_innodb != YES (issue 33).
   * Status text from the InnoDB plugin wasn't parsed correctly (issue 36).
   * Transaction ID from the InnoDB plugin wasn't subtracted correctly (issue 38).
   * Switching modes and pressing ? for help caused a crash (issue 40).

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