Innovation Nation Shakes IT Up

Boy, the conference planners here must have some pull in high places, because they got a 5.9 earthquake to help them with their “Shake IT Up” slogan for Innovation Nation and GOSCON. I was in the upstairs conference hall, and it was pretty dramatic. I’ve never seen/felt/experienced anything quite like that before. All the walls were twisting and shimmying in different directions, and fixtures fell out of the ceiling. Just little ones – but I decided not to rush to the exit, as I was in a huge room and others were already rushing. I figured the odds of getting hurt in the rush were more than the odds of the building collapsing. But I did look upwards to see if I was going to get bonked on the head by a falling light fixture. High ceiling; time enough to dodge if I was lucky.

I met Keith Larson, Craig Sylvester, and several others whose names I’ll get wrong or misspell in the expo hall at the Oracle MySQL booth. I’m staying tomorrow for the Oracle MySQL seminar (thanks Oracle for this free event!) and will report on that afterwards.

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